Original Lie Sold as a Social Benefit Founded by a National Socialist Henry Rogers Seager

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Henry Rogers Seager

Social security

Social Security from the outset was itself dependent on taxing away and redistributing revenue,Social Security Administration itself holds up Henry Rogers Seager, who was an economist at Columbia University, as the intellectual founding father of the Social Security system

I found out that the most popular college textbooks were those by E.R.A. Seligman and by Henry R. Seager. So I chose Seligman, who was pretty much of a socialist

Challeenged by the people The constitutionality of the Social Security Act was settled in a set of Supreme Court decisions issued in May 1937

Columbia’s Henry Rogers Seager, a leading progressive economist who served …. association with the eugenic atrocities of German National Socialism

The Social Security Swindle

Henry Seager’s 1910 Book on Social Insurance

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