New Math: The Numbers Don’t Lie, Unless You Do

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George Orwell must be beaming, but we’ll get to that.  But first, there are two startling facts about the Affordable Care Act roll out that should make everyone worried. Fact #1: The number of people being directed toward Medicaid enrollment by state run healthcare exchanges is WAY above the estimated returns. Which means, already ballyhooed shortfalls of Medicaid are going to accelerate in disastrous ways.  Fact #2: The White House has touted a stat that shows Obamacare has had almost ZERO impact on the 30hr work week.  The kicker, the data they have been using to draw that conclusion includes employees working 29.5-29.75hr/wk.  Oddly enough, many companies have reduced their employee’s hours to 29.5-29.75hr/wk to avoid fines for not offering healthcare.  Math is hard. New Math is easy.


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