Chris Christie and his pal BHO

Establishment Republicans Idea of a Successful Leader Fails Again

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According to the US census Bureau, at least 1 in 4 N.J. adults, ages 18-31 live at home and 42% are 24 or older. Experts call it an “epidemic” of millennials leaching off their parents

Chris Christie’s debate phobia won’t win him GOP support

Gov. Chris Christie tonight said “we have to be fair” to immigrants in this country illegally

Ignoring facts, Christie’s “Jersey Comeback” makes for gripping fiction. Under his watch, New Jersey’s economy ranks 47th, business climate slipped to 41st and property taxes spiked over 20%.

Chris Christie’s Obamacare move risky for 2016 election

RNC SO CALLED Conservatives Laud Christie, Forgive Obama ‘Hug’

Christie made that message abundantly clear in a speech Thursday to the Republican National Committee. “I am in this business to win,” (understanding of conservative values, clarity of personal sovereignty be damned. I’ll be whatever I have to be to win Baby! “The only difference between him & Obama is 6 inches & 200 pounds”)

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