Trouble for Compounding Pharmacies

Compounding the Problem for Compounding Pharmacies

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I went to pick up my medicine yesterday and the pharmacist asked me to contact our senators asking them to vote no on September 9th on Senate Bill 959. This bill will impose severe restrictions on compounding pharmacies, and the drugs they render.

The medicine that I am on is LDN-Low dose Naltrexone. This medicine, which is a pill that I take once a day before I go to sleep, has done WONDERS for me. I have been on it since November of 2009.

After I had my son, I had a minor relapse of a long-standing condition, and my doctor wanted me to go back on the FDA approved medication. I do not have prescription coverage, so the medicine would cost thousands of dollars a month and would have brought horrible side effects.

Being a mother of two (at that time), I refused. Then I met a woman who has Multiple Sclerosis and I asked what medication she was on. She then introduced me to LDN. I have been on this medicine for almost four years, and had another baby since. I am doing so well, being able to keep up with my three kids that the thought of not being able to get this medicine is nauseating and scary.

The pharmacist is asking us to call our Senators, and ask them to vote NO on this bill. Capitalist Union readers can email their senators by going to <a href=”” target=”_blank”></a> and follow the directions.

Please help me get the word out

DH, Illinois

Read Senate Bill 959

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